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August things

1) We’re finishing up the work on the Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then performance at EMPAC DVD/blu-ray release! Tomorrow (Friday, August 10th) we’re screening it in Troy- finding out if it’s good. Hopes are high.

2) For a couple weeks- August 17-September 3- EMPAC is showing To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given- the project we developed, designed and built up here.

3) High Tide Picture Show! Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark are hosting a screening/performance night at the Boatel in Far Rockaway. It’s going to be amazing. Films by Jem Cohen, Martha Colburn, Lee Kern and other cool folks. I’m not showing a film- will just be in Martha’s band- but the evening will be unreal.
Saturday, August 11th- 8PM.

4) I’m also doing a short exhibit at Penn State University. It’s a film show. It’ll be good, I believe. August 27-September 14th.

5) More Todd Chandler/Jeff Stark projects: Those two built a drive-in theater with junk-cars and a giant screen for Manchester, UK’s Abandon Normal Devices Festival. We’ll be there doing Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then. It’ll be a weird and great band- Todd Chandler, Jamie Reeder, myself, Micheal McGinley, Lee Kern, Molly Carroll (did you see Lee Kern slyly slipped in there? He’s brilliant. I’m thrilled he’s joining us for this one.)
Info here: Last Chance Picture Show.