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Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then book!!

So, that fancy hardcover book/blu-ray/dvd set of the live version of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then is done!!  It’s beautiful, and I’m excited.

You can buy it here: Gravity live at EMPAC.

A couple other things- to celebrate the release, we’re doing a very small live show at the Andrew Edlin Gallery (in Manhattan) on Friday, March 7th.  It’ll be Todd Chandler, Mike McGinley, Kate Ryan and I performing some short films.  Not too many people can fit in there- if you want to go, please write me or the gallery and we’ll put you on an RSVP list.

To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given is up in a little gallery at Mansfield University, in Mansfield, PA.  It’s a nice, small show- and Strange Fates is kind of tough to see.  Being in rural PA may not be making it any easier to see, though.  But it’s there through March 21st.

And we will be there, too!  Doing Gravity Was Everywhere live on March 13th- at Mansfield University.  The band is Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Todd Chandler (Flood TIde, Dark Dark Dark), Mike McGinley (The Bitter Tears, Califone), Walt McClements (Lonesome Leash, Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship), Kate Ryan (Flown), Arabella Kauffmann and I.