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Penn State & Empire Drive-In

We’re performing Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then at Penn State University on October 17th.  The band is Joe Adamik, Jim Becker, Brendan Canty, Todd Chandler, Kate Ryan and I.  It ought to be good.

On Ocrober 19th, we’re performing To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given at the Empire Drive-In in Queens, NY. Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark built an enormous drive-in theater at the World’s Fair Grounds site in Queens.

It’s filled with wrecked cars wired up to homemade FM transmitters, so you can sit in those wrecked cars and hear the sounds accompanying 35 foot projections on your car stereo. All throughout the month they’re putting on shows- opening with a symphony Greg Saunier wrote for 30 old Casio keyboards- there was a Bollywood night- Braden King and Boxhead Ensemble (featuring Jim White, Tim Rutili, Paul de Jong and other cool folks)- the night we’re playing, Jem Cohen is showing some films with Jim White and Guy Picciotto.  There’ll be a brass band and Fitzcardboardaldo and Corrugation of Dreams.

That one should be great.  We’ve never done Strange Fates live before.