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NYC Gallery show/More EMPAC!!! Gravity live DVD!!!

I worked and worked on the animation. To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given is rolling up to the Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York May 5-June 23.
It’s a sculpture (made with some brilliant RPI/EMPAC folks- Eric Ameres and Ryan Jenkins). Part of the sculpture is a 12-minute hand-drawn animation, roughly about the woman who made the spacesuit for Laika. Sort of. There’s no way to see the film outside of the sculpture, unless you’re standing next to me and I am standing next to my computer. Go to New York! There’s other things there, too. In New York.

EMPAC is starting a DVD/Blu-ray series!!! Of important art performances!!!

As if there needed to be more reasons to love those folks. Jem Cohen’s showing his new We Have An Anchor project up there. The band is incredible- Jim White, Guy Picciotto, members of A Silver Mt. Zion and Godspeed You Black Emperor. That thing’s going to be unreal. On April 27th: http://empac.rpi.edu/events/2012/spring/quote/cohen/

I was going to say EMPAC is including the Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then performance in its DVD set, but I kept saying it poorly, so I will say it again better later.