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If you wish to contact Brent Green for purposes related to music, films, shows, news, photos, anything you want, he’s a nice guy, please email

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  1. Brent, just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to meet you when you came out to my house with my nephew Mike.

    Paul Plante

  2. Hello Brent Green,
    My name is Gabrielle Gillette and I am currently a second year animator at UWE in England. I’m enrolled in a professional practice course that has asked us to email animators whose practice intrigues us to gain knowledge on the industry. Your video Carlin is truly inspiring to me and not only do I enjoy the writing itself, I enjoy the stop animation that goes along with it. I had a few questions about your process if you have the time to answer. Please email me back at
    Gabrielle Gillette

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