Folk Art Museum & live shows of all kinds

I’m really proud that the American Folk Art Museum has acquired one of my sculptures! It’s called ‘He chased the bird around the yard, caught it, tried to break the egg inside the hen.’

The title’s too long.


break the egg inside the hen

And then- my lovely wife and I made some music (along with Catherine McRae) and animations for Aaron Landsman’s new play Empathy School. We did a couple week run at the Abron’s Art Center in NYC. Here’s a great NY Times review.

Also, Sam Green and I have started doing a mixed bill of our short films with live narration, foley and music by Brendan Canty, James Canty, Kate Ryan and Becky Foon. Hot Docs brought us around on May 5th, and we’re doing four shows at the Exploratorium May 12&13th. People stood and clapped at the Hot Docs show. And I love it. It must be worth going to.

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