Oh, this was a good year.  If I’m going to have a website, I should write things on it. Once a year.

-I spent all of 2015 building things in residence at the Park Ave. Armory in NYC.

-Sundance brought my kid’s movie to all kinds of things, the Director’s Lab, Writer’s Lab (with Mike McGinley and Thyra Heder) and the Composer’s Lab. They also gave us some grants to make the thing. All of those Labs are incredible. If you have the chance to do ’em, go. Go, go go.

-SFFS has also been awesome to us. We received the Hearst Screenwriting Grant and the KRF grant for pre-production. Both of those were pretty fantastic.

-I built a bookstore! Gordon Eastwood and I built Binnacle Books- Kate Ryan, Corey Eastwood and Anne Marie Nye’s perfect little shop in Beacon, NY. I’m proud to have been a part of that.

-I have a one-year old kid, too- Garland Houdini Green. More things happened this year, but I don’t remember them, offhand.

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