October- California and Virginia

OK. A few more Gravity live shows:

October 3rd- CSU San Marcos
October 4th- Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum
October 12th- Grand Central Arts Center, Santa Ana, CA
October 17th- Washington&Lee University, Lexington, VA

The California shows will be with Tim Rutili (Califone, Red Red Meat), Tim Hurley (Sin Ropas, Califone, Red Red Meat), Michael McGinley (Bitter Tears, Califone, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then), Jacqueline Gordon and Brent Green.
The Virginia show will be Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Mike McGinley (Bitter Tears, Califone, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then), Donna K (Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then), Drew Henkels (Drew&the Medicinal Pen), Todd Chandler (Dark Dark Dark), Jamie Reeder (I forgot to ask Jamie for her bio, but she’s an awesome violin player) and Brent Green.

All of the shows will be performances of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.

Then some exhibitions:
To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given- San Francisco Film Society KinoTech/Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA- September 15-October 20th
God Builds Like Frank Lloyd Wright- Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA- October 2nd-November 2nd.

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