June shows

May was awesome!! Gravity won the jury prize at the Bildrausch Basel Film Fest! The Louisville Gravity exhibit is up and bee-yoo-ti-full! Coming down at the end of this month.

And this: I just stumbled across this Focus Features blog promoting Jane Eyre, about 10 scary house movies and they talk about Gravity as the DIY scary house movie! Focus was my favorite production house before anyway (Burn After Reading, A Serious Man, Coraline, Broken Flowers, etc.), but, c’mon… that’s crazy. Just one more example of how we live in a time when you can make a film in your backyard and, if you’re lucky, have all kinds of people all over the entire world see it.

Look forward, though:
Gravity is screening at the AnimaFest Zagreb in Croatia, June 1-6

June 9th We’re doing a live show in Memphis, TN at the Brooks Museum. Brendan Canty, Drew Henkels, John Swartz, Donna K and I. We’re not doing too many more of these shows, and the film is sold as a very limited edition (5 copies total) as a fine artwork. If you’re around Tennessee and you haven’t seen the film, and you want to see the film, it’s worth the trip. The band is pretty great.

June 20-30, Gravity is playing at FilmFest München in Germany.

That’s enough for now. July we’ll be in Australia and back in Europe!!!

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  1. You should set up a show on Ticketometer and come to Henderson. All my work friends would pay for tickets.

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