It’s a little early. This thing won’t be done until the end of the year. I’m excited though, so here goes:

While I’m posting things from EMPAC, might as well drop these clips from our Gravity live show on here, too. Howe Gelb, Brendan Canty, Drew Henkels, John Swartz, Donna K and I tearing it up:

7 thoughts on “EMPAC!!!

  1. will a DVD/VOD/Digital release of the film(perhaps with an alternate track w/ a live performance) be coming soon? can’t wait to see it.

  2. Hey Bill and Adina,

    I wish we could make the film available for some kind of wider distribution, but I don’t think it’s likely. Sorry. We’ve been wracking our brains for a year trying to figure out how to make the art and film-world models work together, but we haven’t found it. And the art world likes me more.

    Maybe? Maybe.

  3. a straight, standard DVD release – bare bones – would be fine(though, a loaded one with a recorded live performance track would be killer). maybe a temporary release on Fandor or Mubi…just to be able to watch it once would be great.

  4. I love that you suggested Fandor. Those guys are awesome. The issue isn’t finding a place that will show it (Jonathan Marlow, Fandor’s creator, saw Gravity in San Francisco and posted this to his facebook page: “If it wasn’t already taken, one could call it a “heartbreaking work of staggering genius.” Instead, I’ll describe GWEBT as a remarkable and poignant film.” ).

    In order to make a living doing what I do, my films are sold in very limited editions (5 copies total) as a fine artwork. It’s good. The film still gets out there a decent amount- we’ve screened in 60 cities worldwide- and I’m able to spend all my time building stuff. It’s a good trade. The downside is the film really can’t be made available for a regular DVD release.

    We’re touring again in September and October. Maybe we’ll end up somewhere near you. Maybe.

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