Art in America!!

Saul Ostrow wrote a really wonderful article/interview on my work in the January issue of Art in America. It’s cooler in print, of course- but it’s up online:

2 thoughts on “Art in America!!

  1. I just finished reading the article. It made me want to see your work, so here I am visiting your website.

  2. BRENT–I just read the article in Art in America and went to You Tube.

    Your work is very refreshing and authentic. Authentic is scarce these days. The most interesting film I’ve seen in decades.

    I am in Utica, NY but used to live in Lewisburg, PA and your images brought back images of the area in the 70’s-’80’s as well as many of the “folk-goth” post industrial “ragged wreckage” hereabout Utica. …as I look out my window across the “rustic” and patched empty mid 19th cent bldgs. on my block.

    It will be interesting to see how your work develops.


    PS Glad to see that, like me, you survived Santa Fe! Western PA is so much more civilized. 🙂

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