Fall happenings

Oct. 8th- ASU Art Museum, official opening of “Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then” exhibit
Oct. 9th- Gravity live show- ASU’s Neeb Hall- the band is a good one- Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Donna K (Mary in Gravity Was Everywhere..), Drew Henkels (Drew and the Medicinal Pen), John Swartz (amazing cellist) and Brent Green screen the film with improvised soundtracks and live narration and foley- these shows have been beautiful.
Oct. 20-24th- Gravity Was Everywhere screening at the Ottawa International Animation Festival -Brent will be there for a QnA on the 22nd

November 5th- DiverseWorks, Houston, TX opening for Brent’s solo show “Any Kind of Temporal Cure for this Wholly Temporary World”
Nov. 12&13th- live Gravity screening- Cinema Arts Festival Houston- Brent, Brendan Canty, Donna K, Drew Henkels and John Swartz
Nov. 14th- San Francisco International Animation Festival- Brent will be in town for a QnA following the screening
Nov. 18th- Waterloo Animation Festival- Gravity live show with Brent, Donna K, Brendan, Drew, John, Alan Scalpone and Mike McGinley!
Nov. 29th- Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY Must admit I don’t understand this one. Donna K and I are giving some kind of lecture about Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then… My lectures are good. Come on by.

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