Screenings and live shows!

We’re starting up with the film shows- please go outside and check out the rickety live versions of “Gravity Was Everywhere” -improvised music, live narrations— with an amazing string section!!  Cellos and violins, theremin, pump organ, musical saw!!!

Tuesday, June 15th- the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA– Brent Green, Donna K, Brendan Canty (of Fugazi) and John Swartz

Wednesday, June 16th- Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, CA– film screening with no band- the film is a beautiful and fragile thing in its theatrical incarnation.  The PFA’s screening of Gravity coincides with a solo show Brent has up at the Berkeley Art Museum, called Perpetual and Furious Refrain. Brent and Donna will be there to talk about the film, too, if people feel the film deserves talking about.

Saturday, June 26th- Rooftop Films, New Design High School, Manhattan, NY-  Brent Green, Donna K, Brendan Canty (of Fugazi), Drew Henkels (of Drew & the Medicinal Pen), Missy Liu (also of Drew & the Medicinal Pen) and John Swartz.

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