Some shows coming up the very near future

I have some fancy museum, gallery and film premiere business coming up really soon


April 17th- June 5th- Andrew Edlin Gallery, NYC solo show- we’re bringing the house from my new film to NYC! There’ll be my homemade working piano, beautiful chairs, light-bulb halos, angels and new film work in a shiny Chelsea gallery.

May 2nd-Sept.5th- Berkeley Art Museum, Matrix Project, Berkeley, CA- More film stuff here, plus a giant wax-cylinder (think old Edison sound recordings) made out of a water tower. The cylinder has 13 needles/reproducers attached to 13 eight-foot tall wooden singers with phonograph horns for mouths. This thins is looking beautiful! Some other sculptures there, too. But that wax cylinder’s where it’s at.

May 6th- MoMA, NYC Brendan Canty, Drew Henkels, Catherine McRea, Donna K, Missy Liu and a cellist I don’t know are going to perform Paulina Hollers live at an evening MoMA is hosting to celebrate all the amazing work Creative Capital has done in their first 10 years.

May 7th- IFC Center, NYC- the theatrical premiere of my new film, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then!

Then I get to sleep for a while- more live shows throughout the rest of the year and a couple other rad solo museum shows coming up. But these four things are right around the corner, and I’m really excited about all of them. Please come out and say hi.

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