Tokion magazine profile

So there’s an arts and culture magazine called Tokion, and all of the people over there are really nice. They wrote an article about me and called it farm fresh, because they believe me to be hillfolk, or a rustic, or some such kind of backwoods thing, and that’s fine. That’s one way to look at it. The magazine’s really pretty and the other people in it seem cool, there’s someone named Aurel Schmidt on the cover. Her drawings are cool. I like her drawings a lot. Devandra Banhart’s in it, and there’s a guy, AJ Fosik, who makes really strange intricate paper masks. All in all a good bunch of folks. A good bunch of things they’re making. I like the magazine, because the only person I’ve ever heard of in it is Banhart, of course- and I like anything that’s out there finding rad things people are making that are flying under the, or at least under my, radar. Good hustle, Tokion.

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