Rooftop Films Fundraiser show- NYC- Nov. 21st

There are a million things I love about Rooftop Films– aside from being some of the first folks to let my friends and I drag our instruments on stage (a stage on the rooftop of a great big New York City building) and yell and create a ruckus in front of my movies. There are a million things. My favorite few are:
Rooftop doesn’t seem to care at all if your film is popular. If they love it, they’ll show it. If everyone else loves it and they don’t, everyone else will show it, and they won’t.
It’s the most wonderfully DIY festival in the whole world. I’ve been involved in all kinds of festivals all over the place- Rooftop always feels like a gigantic celebration- every time I’m at one of their screenings, whether it’s as a filmmaker or an audience member, I feel like I’m winning something. I feel like we’re winning.
The world needs more beautiful things. Rooftop is one of them.

But the economy is rough these days, and Rooftop needs some help. I’m going to perform live, by myself, to some of my films at a little dinner in NYC on Nov. 21st. Tickets are $40, but it’s going to be FUN! There’ll be drinks and jokes, food and films- everyone there is bound to be cool- it’s for Rooftop- I’ve not met too many doofuses at Rooftop. The $40 is totally tax-deductible, too. The program is called 40/40 vision and it’s put together by Tad Barnes- there’s more info here:

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