Whitehot Magazine launch in NYC- live show with the Quavers- Sept. 6th

Brent will be screening all of his films with live soundtracks by The Quavers at the Whitehot Magazine launch party- Thursday, Sept. 6th at 9PM on the corner of Eldridge and Stanton. Brent’s set will follow a set of songs by the Quavers.
The whole thing is going to be beautiful… It’s on the street- the films projected in a truck behind the band. People will be dancing, the music sounds like old Motown records, Brent will be yelling the narrations like the carnie he’s destined to become when his art career finally fails next year.

So: Whitehot Magazine. Launch Festival Concert Truck, corner of
Eldridge and Stanton, Lower East Side, Manhattan.

All you need is love. We can give that to you. Stop by.

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