Live film/music show at the Maker Faire- May 17th-20th!

The Maker Faire is a pretty amazing thing put together by the folks at Make Magazine. It’s a whole bunch of people showing the strange out wonderful engineering feats they’ve created out of junk they found in their yard. It’s a fascinating place to be. Make Magazine (and their little sister, Craft Magazine) are cool. Brent will be performing live soundtracks to his films on Maker Day- Thursday, May 17th! His films will be screening with their recorded soundtracks throughout the Faire weekend- the 19th and 20th. There’s all kinds of info here:

One thought on “Live film/music show at the Maker Faire- May 17th-20th!

  1. Hi,

    I saw your work at the Maker Faire and really enjoyed it. I’m wondering if I can link to your site through mine to let more people know about your films. The site is It’s not commercial, I’m just trying to get people excited about displaying their art. I think your films are inspiring. So please let me know if you’d like a little extra publicity through Naked Mic.


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